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HMI Documentation


Inform SDL about changes to subscribed vehicle data values.

Send OnVehicleData notification with the correct structure per RPC spec/schema items defined in PT



  • An optional parameter used by cloud apps or the policy server to identify the head unit
  • Could be used by a cloud app to identify an incoming connection from core
  • Could be used by a policy server to index cloud app configurations for a specific head unit

The HMI will have to update this field if the user chooses to reset this value (in case the vehicle changes owners)


In case an application is registered with RPC Spec message versions earlier than 8.0.0 and HMI does not provide the values for the params of TireStatus structure, SDL Core provides the default values to the application.



Name Type Mandatory Additional
gps Common.GPSData false
speed Float false minvalue: 0
maxvalue: 700
rpm Integer false minvalue: 0
maxvalue: 20000
fuelLevel Float false minvalue: -6
maxvalue: 106
fuelLevel_State Common.ComponentVolumeStatus false
instantFuelConsumption Float false minvalue: 0
maxvalue: 25575
externalTemperature Float false minvalue: -40
maxvalue: 100
vin String false maxlength: 17
prndl Common.PRNDL false
tirePressure Common.TireStatus false
odometer Integer false minvalue: 0
maxvalue: 17000000
beltStatus Common.BeltStatus false
bodyInformation Common.BodyInformation false
deviceStatus Common.DeviceStatus false
driverBraking Common.VehicleDataEventStatus false
wiperStatus Common.WiperStatus false
headLampStatus Common.HeadLampStatus false
engineTorque Float false minvalue: -1000
maxvalue: 2000
accPedalPosition Float false minvalue: 0
maxvalue: 100
steeringWheelAngle Float false minvalue: -2000
maxvalue: 2000
eCallInfo Common.ECallInfo false
airbagStatus Common.AirbagStatus false
emergencyEvent Common.EmergencyEvent false
clusterModeStatus Common.ClusterModeStatus false
myKey Common.MyKey false
turnSignal Common.TurnSignal false
fuelRange Common.FuelRange false array: true
minsize: 0
maxsize: 100
engineOilLife Float false minvalue: 0
maxvalue: 100
electronicParkBrakeStatus Common.ElectronicParkBrakeStatus false
cloudAppVehicleID String false
gearStatus Common.GearStatus false
stabilityControlsStatus Common.StabilityControlsStatus false
windowStatus Common.WindowStatus false array: true
minsize: 0
maxsize: 100
handsOffSteering Boolean false
seatOccupancy Common.SeatOccupancy false
climateData Common.ClimateData false

Sequence Diagrams

JSON Message Examples

Example Notification

  "jsonrpc" : "2.0",
  "method" : "VehicleInfo.OnVehicleData",
  "params" :  
    "speed" : 60,
    "externalTemperature" : -7,
    "prndl" : "THIRD",
    "odometer" : 1066,
    "wiperStatus" : "MAN_INT_ON",
    "accPedalPosition" : 70
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