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What is SDL?

SmartDeviceLink (SDL) connects in-vehicle infotainment systems to smartphone applications. SDL allows automakers to provide highly integrated connected experiences and offers app developers new and exciting ways to connect with consumers.

High Level Diagram

Phone SHAID OEM Policy Server App ID App Info App ID SDL Messages(RPC/Protocol) App Development Developer Portal Vehicle PolicyTable
Phone Developer Portal Vehicle SHAID OEM Policy Server App ID App Info App ID SDL Messages (RPC/Protocol) App Development Policy Table
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SDL enables automakers to maintain their user experience and driver distraction standards throughout
 the vehicle.

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Open Source Android and iOS libraries
 are provided to developers with features such as video streaming, voice integration, and real time vehicle data.

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SDL gives drivers control over the flow of their data between the vehicle and connected applications.

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App Developers - create an account now to register your application, obtain an App ID, and get access to Manticore, where you can test your SDL implementation right in your browser.

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2018 Developer Conference & Hackathon: Los Angeles

Join us for the second annual SDL Developer Conference, Hackathon, and Exhibition during MWC Americas.

Jonathan Cooper

Interaction Designer

11 Sep 2018

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SmartDeviceLink Consortium

SmartDeviceLink Consortium (SDLC) membership is open to OEMs, Suppliers, and App Developers who are integrating with SDL or have plans to integrate with SDL in the future.