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HMI Documentation


Inform SDL that an application must be unregistered or put into the NONE HMI state.
  1. Provide the possibility for the user to exit any of the registered applications.
  2. Track if an application is active or running in the background, and complies with the driver distraction rules of the system.
  3. Track that the transport type that corresponds to the application running. For example, navigation applications are not allowed to be run over a bluetooth connection.
  4. Ignore all SDL RPCs related to an application that are defined as prohibited for a specific transport type.
  5. Track the application performance issues such as high CPU load or memory constraint warnings.
  6. Send OnExitApplication notification to SDL if an application conflicts with any of the rules above (i.e. Users requests to exit, driver distraction rules violated, navigation app connected over bluetooth, or the application has performance issues).

The HMI may switch layouts or views according to the workflow after deactivation of an application.

  • Information about the application (name, appID, etc) is provided by SDL via BC.UpdateAppList or BC.OnAppRegistered.
  • SDL ignores all invalid notifications which come from the HMI (Invalid JSON, invalid data types/bounds, etc).
  • If the HMI sends ApplicationExitReason CLOSE_CLOUD_CONNECTION
    • The application will be unregistered.
    • A BasicCommunication.UpdateDeviceList (with the closed application) will be sent by SDL.
    • The closed application will have a cloudConnectionStatus of NOT_CONNECTED
  • If the HMI sends ApplicationExitReason RESOURCE_CONSTRAINT for the application with AppHMIType = WEB_VIEW
    • SDL should unregister the application allowing the HMI to close this application.



Name Type Mandatory Additional
reason Common.ApplicationExitReason true
appID Integer true

Sequence Diagrams

JSON Message Examples

Example Notification

  "jsonrpc" : "2.0",
  "method" : "BasicCommunication.OnExitApplication",
  "params" :
    "appID" : 65544,
    "reason" : "USER_EXIT"
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