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HMI Documentation


Inform the HMI that a file has been uploaded into a shared folder by an application.

OnPutFile notifies the HMI that some file has been put into a shared or system folder that can be used by the HMI.

  1. If isSystemFile is set to true, use the appropriate uploaded file according to its workflow (IVSU, SystemRequest, RPC's). See diagrams listed below.
  2. Whenever HMI gets RPC with Image which has .isTemplate set to true, the HMI has to:

  3. load the proper image pattern

  4. extract alpha channel from the template image
  5. apply the alpha channel to the image pattern
  6. use this newly generated image instead of the uploaded one

and whenever the UI changes, the HMI has to recreate images currently visible on the screen.


The list of RPCs and data structures that OnPutFile affects are:

  • Show (Image, SoftButton)
  • ShowConstantTBT (Image, SoftButton)
  • CreateInteractionChoiceSet (Image)
  • SetGlobalProperties (Image, VrHelpItem)
  • ResetGlobalProperties (Image, VrHelpItem)
  • UpdateTurnList (Turn, SoftButton)
  • AddCommand(Image)
  • SendLocation(Image)
  • Alert (SoftButton)
  • AlertManeuver (SoftButton)
  • ScrollableMessage (SoftButton)



Name Type Mandatory Additional
offset Integer false minvalue: 0
maxvalue: 100000000000
length Integer false minvalue: 0
maxvalue: 100000000000
fileSize Integer false minvalue: 0
maxvalue: 100000000000
syncFileName String true maxlength: 255
fileType Common.FileType true
persistentFile Boolean false defvalue: false
isSystemFile Boolean false defvalue: false
appID Integer false

Sequence Diagrams


In the context of PutFile and OnPutFile, each of these diagrams use the term FileName to refer to the value of the syncFileName parameter

JSON Message Examples

Example Notification

  "jsonrpc" : "2.0",
  "method" : "BasicCommunication.OnPutFile",
  "params" : {
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