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HMI Documentation


Inform the HMI that an application being resumed needs to become audible.

SDL sends OnResumeAudioSource to the HMI when the resumption process sees that a currently registered application was AUDIBLE before the previous Ignition Off.


SDL will send OnResumeAudioSource if the application meets both of these conditions:

  1. Application was running 30 minutes prior to OnExitAllApplications(SUSPEND).
  2. Application reconnects no later than 30 seconds after SDL receives an OnReady notification from the HMI.
  1. Activate the audio source for the application corresponding to the appID that was received.
  2. Do not activate the application itself. The application must stay in the background of the UI.
    • If SDL means for the app to be resumed to the foreground of the UI, SDL would send an ActivateApp notification instead (See diagrams below).



Name Type Mandatory Additional
appID Integer true

Sequence Diagrams

JSON Message Examples

Example Notification

  "jsonrpc" : "2.0",
  "method" : "BasicCommunication.OnResumeAudioSource",
  "params" :{
    "appID" : 123
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