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HMI Documentation


Trigger SDL to merge the Updated Policy Table to the Local Policy Table


  • Send SDL.OnReceivedPolicyUpdate notification to SDL after HMI finalized processing the updated Policy Table delivered via BC.SystemRequest (for example, after decrypting it in case and by the scheme required by Policies Server).
  • Decrypt the PTU file received via SystemRequest.
  • Notify SDL on successful decryption and provide the path to decrypted PTU file.
  1. SDL.OnReceivedPolicyUpdate dependencies:

    • SDL expects SDL.OnReceivedPolicyUpdate only in case it's built with "-DEXTENDED_POLICY=PROPRIETARY" flag or without this flag and -DEXTENDED_POLICY=EXTERNAL_PROPRIETARY flag. Otherwise SDL handles the entire PTU flow by itself.
    • SDL will not use Updated PT until notified by HMI.
  2. After getting OnReceivedPolicyUpdate (policyFile) from HMI, SDL must stop timeout started by OnSystemRequest and validate the Policy Table Update (policyFile) of optional, required, or omitted:

    • validation must reject Policy Table updates if it include fields with a status of ‘omitted.’
    • validation must reject Policy Table update if it does not include fields with a status of ‘required’.
  3. In case section with required status "optional/omitted" is omitted in Updated PT, and field of this section is marked as required, the validation of the mentioned field is not "required" (i.e. policy table must be considered as valid).


Name Type Mandatory Additional
policyfile String true minlength: 1
maxlength: 255

Sequence Diagrams

JSON Message Examples

Example Notification

    "id" : 176,
    "jsonrpc" : "2.0",
    "method" : "SDL.OnReceivedPolicyUpdate",
    "params" :
        "policyfile" : "/fs/sharedFolder/ptu.json"
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