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HMI Documentation


Inform SDL that the user has chosen to activate an application.

SDL requires this notification to know if the user has requested for an application to be in focus and start operating, based on the HMI's functionality.

When OnAppActivated is received, SDL sends an ActivateApp request to confirm the named application may be activated.

  1. Send an OnAppActivated notification when the user chooses an application on the HMI.
  2. Wait for ActivateApp before the HMI can display the application related screen.
  3. Send OnAppActivated notification with the widget's windowID to move the widget to HMI_FULL when it becomes visible on HMI.

OnAppActivated shows the user's intent to activate the named application.

ActivateApp is a request created by SDL that provides the permission for the application to access the HMI's functionality.



Name Type Mandatory Description
appID Integer true ID of the application to be activated on the HMI
windowID Integer false

Sequence Diagrams

JSON Message Examples

Example Notification

  "jsonrpc" : "2.0",
  "method" : "BasicCommunication.OnAppActivated",
  "params" :
    "appID" : 65544
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