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Main Screen Templates

Main Screen Templates

Each head unit manufacturer supports a set of user interface templates. These templates determine the position and size of the text, images, and buttons on the screen. Once the app has connected successfully with an SDL enabled head unit, a list of supported templates is available on SDLManager.systemCapabilityManager.defaultMainWindowCapability.templatesAvailable.

Change the Template

To change a template at any time, send a SetDisplayLayout RPC to Core.

SDLSetDisplayLayout* display = [[SDLSetDisplayLayout alloc] initWithPredefinedLayout:SDLPredefinedLayoutGraphicWithText];
[self.sdlManager sendRequest:display withResponseHandler:^(SDLRPCRequest *request, SDLRPCResponse *response, NSError *error) {
     if (!response.success.boolValue) { 
        // Print out the error if there is one and return early
     // The template has been set successfully
let display = SDLSetDisplayLayout(predefinedLayout: .graphicWithText)
sdlManager.send(request: display) { (request, response, error) in
    guard response?.success.boolValue == true else { return }
        // The template has been set successfully

Available Templates

There are fifteen standard templates to choose from, however some head units may only support a subset of these templates. The following examples show how templates will appear on the Generic HMI and Ford's SYNC 3 HMI.


Generic - Media without progress bar

Media (with a Progress Bar)

Generic - Media with progress bar


Generic - Non-Media

Graphic with Text

Generic - Graphic with Text

Text with Graphic

Generic - Text with Graphic

Tiles Only

Generic - Tiles Only

Graphic with Tiles

SYNC 3 - Graphic with Tiles

Tiles with Graphic

SYNC 3 - Tiles with Graphic

Graphic with Text and Soft Buttons

SYNC 3 - Graphic with Text and Soft Buttons

Text and Soft Buttons with Graphic

SYNC 3 Text and Soft Buttons with Graphic

Graphic with Text Buttons

Generic - Graphic with Text Buttons

Double Graphic with Soft Buttons

Generic - Double Graphic with Softbuttons

Text Buttons with Graphic

Generic - Text Buttons with Graphic

Text Buttons Only

Generic - Text Buttons Only

Large Graphic with Soft Buttons

Generic - Large Graphic with Softbuttons

Large Graphic Only

Generic - Large Graphic Only

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