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SDLOnHMIStatus Class Reference

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  • Notifies an application that HMI conditions have changed for the application. This indicates whether the application can speak phrases, display text, perform interactions, receive button presses and events, stream audio, etc. This notification will be sent to the application when there has been a change in any one or several of the indicated states (SDLHMILevel, SDLAudioStreamingState or SDLSystemContext) for the application.

All three values are, in principle, independent of each other (though there may be some relationships). A value for one parameter should not be interpreted from the value of another parameter.

There are no guarantees about the timeliness or latency of the SDLOnHMIStatus notification. Therefore, for example, information such as SDLAudioStreamingState may not indicate that the audio stream became inaudible to the user exactly when the SDLOnHMIStatus notification was received.

@since SDL 1.0


SDLHMILevel in effect for the application


@property (readwrite, strong, nonatomic) SDLHMILevel _Nonnull hmiLevel;


var hmiLevel: SDLHMILevel { get set }


Current state of audio streaming for the application. When this parameter has a value of NOT_AUDIBLE, the application must stop streaming audio to SDL.

Informs app whether any currently streaming audio is audible to user (AUDIBLE) or not (NOT_AUDIBLE). A value of NOT_AUDIBLE means that either the application’s audio will not be audible to the user, or that the application’s audio should not be audible to the user (i.e. some other application on the mobile device may be streaming audio and the application’s audio would be blended with that other audio).


@property (readwrite, strong, nonatomic)
    SDLAudioStreamingState _Nonnull audioStreamingState;


var audioStreamingState: SDLAudioStreamingState { get set }


Current availablility of video streaming for the application. When this parameter is NOT_STREAMABLE, the application must stop video streaming to SDL.


@property (readwrite, strong, nonatomic, nullable)
    SDLVideoStreamingState videoStreamingState;


var videoStreamingState: SDLVideoStreamingState? { get set }


Whether a user-initiated interaction is in-progress (VRSESSION or MENU), or not (MAIN)


@property (readwrite, strong, nonatomic) SDLSystemContext _Nonnull systemContext;


var systemContext: SDLSystemContext { get set }


This is the unique ID assigned to the window that this RPC is intended for. If this param is not included, it will be assumed that this request is specifically for the main window on the main display. - see: PredefinedWindows enum.

@since SDL 6.0


@property (readwrite, strong, nonatomic, nullable) NSNumber<SDLUInt> *windowID;


var windowID: (NSNumber & SDLUInt)? { get set }
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