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SendHapticData Class Reference


Instance Methods


new SendHapticData(parameters)

Initalizes an instance of SendHapticData.

Instance Methods

sendHapticData.getHapticRectData() ⇒ Array.<HapticRect>

Get the HapticRectData

Kind: Instance method of SendHapticData
Returns: Array.<HapticRect> - the KEY_HAPTIC_RECT_DATA value

sendHapticData.setHapticRectData(data) ⇒ SendHapticData

Set the HapticRectData

Kind: Instance method of SendHapticData
Returns: SendHapticData - The class instance for method chaining.

data Array.<HapticRect> Array of spatial data structures that represent the locations of all user controls - The desired HapticRectData. present on the HMI. This data should be updated if/when the application presents a new screen. When a request is sent, if successful, it will replace all spatial data previously sent through RPC. If an empty array is sent, the existing spatial data will be cleared
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