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Static Icons

Static Icons

Static icons are images that should always be available for applications to use in their integration. These images can be used in any situation where an image is applicable including but not limited to soft buttons, menu items, and choice items.

All Sample images can be downloaded from the Generic HMI project

Name / Description Hex Value Image Sample
Accept Call / Active Phone Call / Initiate Phone Call 0x29
Add Waypoint 0x1B
Album 0x21
Ambient Lighting 0x3D
Arrow - North 0x40
Audio Mute 0x12
Audiobook Episode 0x83
Audiobook Narrator 0x82
Auxiliary Audio 0x45
Back / Return 0x86
Battery Capacity 0 of 5 0xF7
Battery Capacity 1 of 5 0xF8
Battery Capacity 2 of 5 0xF9
Battery Capacity 3 of 5 0xFA
Battery Capacity 4 of 5 0xF6
Battery Capacity 5 of 5 0xFB
Bluetooth Audio Source 0x09
Bluetooth 1 0xCC
Bluetooth 2 0xCD
Browse 0x77
Cell Phone in Roaming Mode 0x66
Cell Service Signal Strength 0 of 5 Bars 0x67
Cell Service Signal Strength 1 of 5 Bars 0x68
Cell Service Signal Strength 2 of 5 Bars 0x69
Cell Service Signal Strength 3 of 5 Bars 0x6A
Cell Service Signal Strength 4 of 5 Bars 0x6B
Cell Service Signal Strength 5 of 5 Bars 0xD3
Change Lane - Left 0xC3
Change Lane - Right 0xC1
Check Box - Checked 0x27
check box - Unchecked 0x28
Climate 0xD1
Clock 0xFC
Compose (eg message) 0x1A
Contact 0x5C
Continue 0x42
Dash / Bullet Point 0x7F
Date / Calendar 0x87
Delete 0x0F
Destination 0x94
Destination Ferry Ahead 0x4D
eBookmark (e.g. message, feed) 0x2B
End Call / reject call 0x2C
Fail 0xD6
Fast Forward 30 Seconds 0x08
Favorite / Heart 0x0E
Favorite / Star 0x95
Fax Number 0x80
Filename 0x50
Filter / Search 0x79
Folder 0x1C
Fuel Prices 0xE9
Full Map 0x0C
Generic Phone Number 0x53
Genre (Music) 0x4E
Global Keyboard 0xEA
Highway Exit Information 0xF4
Home Phone Number 0x55
Hyperlink 0x78
ID3 Tag Unknown 0x51
Incoming Calls (in list of phone calls) 0x57
Information 0x5D
iPod Media Source 0x0D
Join Calls 0x02
Keep Left 0x46
Keep Right 0x48
Key / Keycode 0x7D
Left 0x9F
Left Arrow / Back 0x4B
Left Exit 0xAF
Line In Audio Source 0x06
Locked 0x22
Media Control - Left Arrow 0x17
Media Control - Recording 0x20
Media Control - Right Arrow 0x15
Media Control - Stop 0x16
Microphone 0xE8
Missed Calls (in list of phone calls) 0x58
Mobile Phone Number 0x54
Move Down / Download 0xE5
Move Up 0xE4
MP3 TAG Artist 0x24
Navigation / Navigation Settings 0x8E
Navigation Current Direction 0x0A
Negative Rating - Thumbs Down 0x14
New / Unread Text Message or Email 0x5E
Office or Work Phone Number 0x56
Opened / Read Text Message or Email 0x5F
Origin / Nearby Locale / Current Position 0x96
Outgoing Calls (in list of phone calls) 0x59
Phone Call 1 0x1D
Phone Call 2 0x1E
Phone Device 0x03
Phonebook 0x81
Photo / Picture 0x88
Play / Pause - pause active 0xD0
Popup 0x76
Positive Rating - Thumbs Up 0x13
Power 0x5B
Primary Phone (Favorite) 0x1F
Radio Button Checked 0x25
Radio Button Unchecked 0x26
Recent Calls / History 0xE7
Recent Destinations 0xF2
Redo 0x19
Refresh 0x97
Remote Diagnostics - Check Engine 0x7E
Rendered 911 Assist / Emergency Assistance 0xAC
Repeat 0xE6
Repeat Play 0x73
Reply 0x04
Rewind 30 Seconds 0x07
Right 0xA3
Right Exit 0xB1
Ringtones 0x5A
Roundabout Left Hand 1 0xEE
Roundabout Left Hand 2 0x8C
Roundabout Left Hand 3 0x84
Roundabout Left Hand 4 0x72
Roundabout Left Hand 5 0x6E
Roundabout Left Hand 6 0x64
Roundabout Left Hand 7 0x60
Roundabout Right Hand 1 0x62
Roundabout Right Hand 2 0x6C
Roundabout Right Hand 3 0x70
Roundabout Right Hand 4 0x7A
Roundabout Right Hand 5 0x8A
Roundabout Right Hand 6 0xEC
Roundabout Right Hand 7 0xF0
RSS 0x89
Settings / Menu 0x49
Sharp Left 0xA5
Sharp Right 0xA7
Show 0xE1
Shuffle Play 0x74
Ski Places / Elevation / Altitude 0xAB
Slight Left 0x9D
Slight Right 0xA1
Smartphone 0x05
Sort List 0x7B
Speed Dial Numbers - Number 0 0xE0
Speed Dial Numbers - Number 1 0xD7
Speed Dial Numbers - Number 2 0xD8
Speed Dial Numbers - Number 3 0xD9
Speed Dial Numbers - Number 4 0xDA
Speed Dial Numbers - Number 5 0xDB
Speed Dial Numbers - Number 6 0xDC
Speed Dial Numbers - Number 7 0xDD
Speed Dial Numbers - Number 8 0xDE
Speed Dial Numbers - Number 9 0xDF
Success / Check 0xD5
Track Title / Song Title 0x4C
Traffic Report 0x2A
Turn List 0x10
U-Turn Left Traffic 0xAD
U-Turn Right Traffic 0xA9
Undo 0x18
Unlocked 0x23
USB Media Audio Source 0x0B
Voice Control Scrollbar - List Item number 1 0xC7
Voice Control Scrollbar - List Item number 2 0xC8
Voice Control Scrollbar - List Item number 3 0xC9
Voice Control Scrollbar - List Item number 4 0xCA
Voice Recognition - Failed 0x90
Voice Recognition - Pause 0x92
Voice Recognition - Successful 0x8F
Voice Recognition - System Active 0x11
Voice Recognition - System Listening 0x91
Voice Recognition - Try Again 0x93
Warning / Safety Alert 0xFE
Weather 0xEB
WiFi Full 0x43
Zoom In 0x98
Zoom Out 0x9A
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