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When implementing graphics into your apps you should make sure that the app looks good in both day and night mode. For graphics this implies that you should at either have a background or work with outlines. For icons, outlines are needed to increase contrast in all situations. Light icons should have a dark contrast and dark icons should have a light contrast.

Please ensure to use the correct dimensions for your images.

Graphics used in choiceSets must be uploaded before the choiceSet is used. This will decrease performance if many different graphics are to be used in one choiceSet. To mitigate that the usage of generic icons is encouraged (like a CD icon instead of the actual Album art).

More information on using images with SDL is available in the Uploading Images guide available for either iOS or Android.

Driver Distraction Rules for Graphics

Due to driver distraction rules the graphics used can’t incorporate text or any form of data or graph. No moving images or video can be used, or any graphic that a user could interact with. If your app incorporates social media you are not allowed to display any graphics from social media posts or any form of attachment.

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