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Connecting to an Infotainment System

To connect to an emulator, such as Manticore or a local Ubuntu SDL Core-based emulator, make sure to use TCPTransportConfig. The emulator and app should be on the same network (i.e. remember to set the correct IP address and port number). The IP will most likely be the IP address of the operating system running the emulator. The port will most likely be 12345.

// Set the SdlManager.Builder transport
builder.setTransportType(new TCPTransportConfig(<IP ADDRESS>, <PORT>, false));

Connecting with a Vehicle Head Unit or a Development Kit (TDK)

To connect your device directly to a vehicle head unit or TDK, make sure to use MultiplexTransportConfig. Then connect the device to the head unit or TDK using a USB cord or Bluetooth if the head unit supports it.

// Set the SdlManager.Builder transport
builder.setTransportType(new MultiplexTransportConfig(context, <APP ID>));

Run the project in Android Studio, targeting the device you want Sdl Android installed on. Sdl Android should compile and launch on your device of choosing. Following this, you should see an application appears on the TDK or HMI:

HMI Apps

Click on the SDL icon in the HMI.

HMI Apps

This is the main screen of your SDL app. If you get to this point, the project is working.

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