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Android Documentation

Interface AudioDecoderListener



An interface for the audio decoder classes. The caller using the audio decoder will be notified when the decoding is finished or if an error occurred. During decoding the caller receives sample buffers with decoded audio data.


onAudioDataAvailable( SampleBuffer sampleBuffer )

Notifies that decoded audio data is available.

public void onAudioDataAvailable(SampleBuffer sampleBuffer)

Method Parameters

The sample buffer holding the decoded audio data.

onDecoderFinish( boolean success )

Notifies that the audio decoding is finished.

public void onDecoderFinish(boolean success)

Method Parameters

Indicates whether audio decoding was successful or if an error occurred.

onDecoderError( Exception e )

Notifies the caller that an error/exception occurred during audio decoding.

public void onDecoderError(Exception e)

Method Parameters

The exception storing information about the error.
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