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JavaSE Documentation

Interface ISdlSessionListener



onTransportDisconnected( String info, boolean availablePrimary, BaseTransportConfig transportConfig )

Called when a transport disconnects

public void onTransportDisconnected(String info,boolean availablePrimary,BaseTransportConfig transportConfig)

Method Parameters

a human readable string including information on the disconnected transport
a boolean flag indicating if there is another transport that can be used to connect with the SDL enabled device.
the previously supplied transport config

onRPCMessageReceived( RPCMessage rpcMessage )

Called when an RPC message has been received from the connected SDL device

public void onRPCMessageReceived(RPCMessage rpcMessage)

Method Parameters

the RPC message that was received

onSessionStarted( int sessionID, Version version, SystemInfo systemInfo )

Called to indicate that a session has started with the connected SDL device. This means the RPC and Bulk service types have also been started.

public void onSessionStarted(int sessionID,Version version,SystemInfo systemInfo)

Method Parameters

session ID associated with the session that was established
the protocol version that has been negotiated for this session
info about the device that this service is started

onSessionEnded( int sessionID )

Called to indicate that the session that was previously established has now ended. This means that all services previously started on this session are also closed.

public void onSessionEnded(int sessionID)

Method Parameters

the session ID that was assigned to this now closed session

onAuthTokenReceived( String authToken, int sessionID )

Called when an auth token has been received. This should always happen after the session has been created.

public void onAuthTokenReceived(String authToken,int sessionID)

Method Parameters

the actual auth token that has been stringified
the session ID that this auth token is associated with
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