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JavaSE Documentation

Interface KeyboardListener



onUserDidSubmitInput( String inputText, KeyboardEvent event )

The keyboard session completed with some input.

This will be sent upon ENTRY_SUBMITTED or ENTRY_VOICE. If the event is ENTRY_VOICE, the user requested to start a voice session in order to submit input to this keyboard. This MUST be handled by you. Start an Audio Pass Thru session if supported.

public void onUserDidSubmitInput(String inputText,KeyboardEvent event)

Method Parameters

- The submitted input text on the keyboard
- ENTRY_SUBMITTED if the user pressed the submit button on the keyboard, ENTRY_VOICE if the user requested that a voice session begin

onKeyboardDidAbortWithReason( KeyboardEvent event )

The keyboard session aborted.

This will be sent if the keyboard event ENTRY_CANCELLED or ENTRY_ABORTED is sent

public void onKeyboardDidAbortWithReason(KeyboardEvent event)

Method Parameters

- ENTRY_CANCELLED if the user cancelled the keyboard input, or ENTRY_ABORTED if the system aborted the input due to a higher priority event

updateAutocompleteWithInput( String currentInputText, KeyboardAutocompleteCompletionListener keyboardAutocompleteCompletionListener )

Implement this in order to provide a custom keyboard configuration to just this keyboard. To apply default settings to all keyboards, see SDLScreenManager.keyboardConfiguration

public void updateAutocompleteWithInput(String currentInputText,KeyboardAutocompleteCompletionListener keyboardAutocompleteCompletionListener)

Method Parameters

- The user's full current input text
- A listener to update the autoCompleteText

updateCharacterSetWithInput( String currentInputText, KeyboardCharacterSetCompletionListener keyboardCharacterSetCompletionListener )

Implement this if you wish to update the limitedCharacterSet as the user updates their input. This is called upon a KEYPRESS event.

public void updateCharacterSetWithInput(String currentInputText,KeyboardCharacterSetCompletionListener keyboardCharacterSetCompletionListener)

Method Parameters

- The user's full current input text
- A listener to update the limitedCharacterSet

onKeyboardDidSendEvent( KeyboardEvent event, String currentInputText )

Implement this to be notified of all events occurring on the keyboard

public void onKeyboardDidSendEvent(KeyboardEvent event,String currentInputText)

Method Parameters

- The event that occurred
- The user's full current input text

onKeyboardDidUpdateInputMask( KeyboardEvent event )

public void onKeyboardDidUpdateInputMask(KeyboardEvent event)

Method Parameters

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