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JavaSE Documentation

Class AddCommand





This class will add a command to the application's Command Menu

Note: A command will be added to the end of the list of elements in the Command Menu under the following conditions:

  • When a Command is added with no MenuParams value provided
  • When a MenuParams value is provided with a MenuParam.position value greater than or equal to the number of menu items currently defined in the menu specified by the MenuParam.parentID value

The set of choices which the application builds using AddCommand can be a mixture of:

  • Choices having only VR synonym definitions, but no MenuParams definitions
  • Choices having only MenuParams definitions, but no VR synonym definitions
  • Choices having both MenuParams and VR synonym definitions


Parameter List

Param Name Type Description Req. Notes Version Available
cmdID Integer unique ID of the command to add Y minvalue:0; maxvalue:2000000000 SmartDeviceLink 1.0
menuParams MenuParams Name of the button to unsubscribe. N SmartDeviceLink 1.0
vrCommands List

An array of strings to be used as VR synonyms for this command.

If this array is provided, it may not be empty.

N minsize:1; maxsize:100 SmartDeviceLink 1.0
cmdIcon Image

Image struct determining whether static or dynamic icon.

If omitted on supported displays, no (or the default if applicable) icon shall be displayed.

N SmartDeviceLink 1.0
secondaryImage Image Optional secondary image struct for menu cell N SmartDeviceLink 7.1.0


Indicates that the corresponding request has failed or succeeded, if the response returns with a SUCCESS result code, this means a command was added to the Command Menu successfully.

Non-default Result Codes:





public static final java.lang.String KEY_CMD_ICON
Constant Value


public static final java.lang.String KEY_MENU_PARAMS
Constant Value


public static final java.lang.String KEY_CMD_ID
Constant Value


public static final java.lang.String KEY_VR_COMMANDS
Constant Value


public static final java.lang.String KEY_SECONDARY_IMAGE
Constant Value

Inherited Fields

From Class Fields
com.smartdevicelink.proxy.RPCRequest onResponseListener
com.smartdevicelink.proxy.RPCMessage KEY_REQUEST, KEY_RESPONSE, KEY_NOTIFICATION, KEY_FUNCTION_NAME, KEY_PARAMETERS, KEY_CORRELATION_ID, messageType, parameters, function
com.smartdevicelink.proxy.RPCStruct KEY_BULK_DATA, KEY_PROTECTED, store



Constructs a new AddCommand object

public AddCommand()

AddCommand( java.util.Hashtable<java.lang.String, java.lang.Object> hash )

Constructs a new AddCommand object indicated by the Hashtable parameter

public AddCommand(java.util.Hashtable<java.lang.String, java.lang.Object> hash)

Constructor Parameters

The Hashtable to use

AddCommand( Integer cmdID )

Constructs a new AddCommand object

public AddCommand(Integer cmdID)

Constructor Parameters

an integer object representing a Command ID

Notes: Min Value: 0; Max Value: 2000000000



Returns an Integer object representing the Command ID that you want to add

public java.lang.Integer getCmdID()

setCmdID( Integer cmdID )

Sets a Unique Command ID that identifies the command. Is returned in an OnCommand notification to identify the command selected by the user

public com.smartdevicelink.proxy.rpc.AddCommand setCmdID(Integer cmdID)

Method Parameters

an integer object representing a Command ID

Notes: Min Value: 0; Max Value: 2000000000


Returns a MenuParams object which will defined the command and how it is added to the Command Menu

public com.smartdevicelink.proxy.rpc.MenuParams getMenuParams()

setMenuParams( MenuParams menuParams )

Sets Menu parameters

If provided, this will define the command and how it is added to the Command Menu

If null, commands will not be accessible through the HMI application menu

public com.smartdevicelink.proxy.rpc.AddCommand setMenuParams(MenuParams menuParams)

Method Parameters

a menuParams object


Gets Voice Recognition Commands

public java.util.List getVrCommands()

setVrCommands( java.util.List<java.lang.String> vrCommands )

Sets Voice Recognition Commands

If provided, defines one or more VR phrases the recognition of any of which triggers the OnCommand notification with this cmdID

If null, commands will not be accessible by voice commands (when the user hits push-to-talk)

public com.smartdevicelink.proxy.rpc.AddCommand setVrCommands(java.util.List<java.lang.String> vrCommands)

Method Parameters

List indicating one or more VR phrases

Notes: Optional only if menuParams is provided. If provided, array must contain at least one non-empty (not null, not zero-length, not whitespace only) element


Gets the image to be shown along with a command

public com.smartdevicelink.proxy.rpc.Image getCmdIcon()

setCmdIcon( Image cmdIcon )

Sets the Image If provided, defines the image to be be shown along with a command

public com.smartdevicelink.proxy.rpc.AddCommand setCmdIcon(Image cmdIcon)

Method Parameters


an Image obj representing the Image obj shown along with a command

Notes: If omitted on supported displays, no (or the default if applicable) icon will be displayed

setSecondaryImage( Image secondaryImage )

Sets the secondaryImage.

public com.smartdevicelink.proxy.rpc.AddCommand setSecondaryImage(Image secondaryImage)

Method Parameters

Optional secondary image struct for menu cell


Gets the secondaryImage.

public com.smartdevicelink.proxy.rpc.Image getSecondaryImage()

Inherited Methods

From Class Methods
com.smartdevicelink.proxy.RPCRequest getCorrelationID, setCorrelationID, setOnRPCResponseListener, getOnRPCResponseListener
com.smartdevicelink.proxy.RPCMessage getFunctionID, getFunctionName, setFunctionName, getMessageType, setParameters, getParameters, getObject, getString, getInteger, getFloat, getDouble, getBoolean, getLong
com.smartdevicelink.proxy.RPCStruct getStoreValue, getStore, deserializeJSON, serializeJSON, serializeJSON, format, getBulkData, setBulkData, setPayloadProtected, isPayloadProtected, getMessageTypeName, hasKey, setValue, getValue, getObject, formatObject, getValueForString, getString, getInteger, getDouble, getFloat, getBoolean, getLong, clone, equals, hashCode
java.lang.Object getClass, hashCode, equals, clone, toString, notify, notifyAll, wait, wait, wait, finalize
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