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User Interface

A majority of the modifications made to the Policy Table are done through SQL database queries. To make this easier, the Policy Server has a user interface that can be found by navigating to http://localhost:3000/ in a browser of your choice. There are four main pages to the Policy Server.


View Policy Table

Functional Groupings

Consumer Friendly Messages

Custom Vehicle Data



Vue.js is an open source JavaScript framework which the Policy Server uses in building the user interface. It allows the creation of multiple components of a similar structure. For the Policy Server, the larger components for building each page exist in the /src/components directory while the smaller and more numerous items are located in the /common subdirectory. Any files related to styling such as CSS, text fonts, and images, are in the /assets subdirectory. The basic HTML for the user interface can be found in the /ui/raw directory.


The Policy Server is an open source project giving the user the ability to customize the project to his/her specific needs. Webpack is used to bundle the files into a build and then the build files are executed. If any changes are made to the files before restarting the server, the build command (found in the package.json) must be run in the terminal to rebuild the project with the newly made changes. The /build folder contains all files associated with Webpack.

View on GitHub.com
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