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Module Meta

Module Meta

Language and Country

The current language and regional settings can be configured using the following properties.

Property Type Description
language String Current system language. ISO 639-1 combined with ISO 3166 alpha-2 country code.

Module Version

The current version of the vehicle's module should be stored in the following property.

Property Type Description
ccpu_version String Software version for the module running SDL Core.

Policy Table Update

Information about when a Policy Table update has last taken place is stored in the following properties.

Property Type Description
pt_exchanged_at_odometer_x Number Marks the odometer reading in kilometers at the time of the last successful Policy Table update.
pt_exchanged_x_days_after_epoch Number Marks the time of the last successful Policy Table update.
ignition_cycles_since_last_exchange Number Number of ignition cycles since the last Policy Table update.

Vehicle Data

Additional vehicle information is stored in the module meta property.

Property Type Description
vin String The vehicle's unique identification number.


An example of how the Module Meta portion of a Policy Table might look.

"module_meta": {
    "ccpu_version": "4.1.2.B_EB355B",
    "language": "en-us",
    "pt_exchanged_at_odometer_x": 1903,
    "pt_exchanged_x_days_after_epoch": 46684,
    "ignition_cycles_since_last_exchange": 50,
    "vin": "1FAPP4442VH100001"
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