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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I see SHAID v2, but where's SHAID v1?

SHAID v1.0 has been deprecated and removed. Please refer to the latest version.

How do I register my company/app with SHAID?

We have our SDL Developer Portal Registration Guide and other helpful documents on our Resources page here.

How do I get SHAID keys? What do I do with them?

If you are an SDLC Silver member or higher, you can obtain your SHAID API key pair on the SHAID tab when logged into the SDL Developer Portal. They will be included in the headers of your requests to SHAID as public_key and secret_key.

Help! My webhook isn't working! What do I do?

Ensure that you have the correct URL set in the Company Info tab on the SDL Developer Portal. Additional information regarding webhooks can be found in our Policy Server API Guides.

I have an issue that isn't covered here.

If you still have questions, you can post a question in the shaid channel of our Slack group (sign up here).

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