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JavaEE Documentation

Class ButtonName





Defines logical buttons which, on a given SDL unit, would correspond to either physical or soft (touchscreen) buttons. These logical buttons present a standard functional abstraction which the developer can rely upon, independent of the SDL unit. For example, the developer can rely upon the OK button having the same meaning to the user across SDL platforms.

The preset buttons (0-9) can typically be interpreted by the application as corresponding to some user-configured choices, though the application is free to interpret these button presses as it sees fit.

The application can discover which buttons a given SDL unit implements by interrogating the ButtonCapabilities parameter of the RegisterAppInterface response.



public static com.smartdevicelink.proxy.rpc.enums.ButtonName values()

valueOf( String name )

public static com.smartdevicelink.proxy.rpc.enums.ButtonName valueOf(String name)

Method Parameters


valueForString( String value )

public static com.smartdevicelink.proxy.rpc.enums.ButtonName valueForString(String value)

Method Parameters


indexForPresetButton( ButtonName buttonName )

indexForPresetButton returns the integer index for preset buttons which match the preset order. E.G.: indexForPresetButton(PRESET_1) returns the value 1. If the buttonName given is not a preset button, the method will return null.

public static java.lang.Integer indexForPresetButton(ButtonName buttonName)

Method Parameters

the buttonName of PRESET_0 through PRESET_9 to

Inherited Methods

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