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News & Updates

Developer's Guide To Getting Started With SDL.

We have curated a list of links that include documentation and guides to assist you in getting started with SmartDevicelink (SDL). Whether you are developing as an individual or developing for an OEM, these highlighted items provide insight for implementing SDL.

  • SDL Overview - A very high-level overview of how SDL works.

  • SDL White Paper - A technical in-depth overview of all the projects that make up SDL.

  • Developer Portal Registration Guide - A guide providing information on how to register an application on the SDL Developer Portal (smartdevicelink.com) as well as information regarding SDLC application certification. Additionally, step-by-step instructions are available for creating developer and company profiles.

  • Documentation - In-depth documentation for current SDL libraries, including Java Suite, iOS, SDL Core, SDL Server, and SHAID. You can also find licensing information and the SDL Overview guides here.

  • Frequently Asked Questions - A list of commonly-asked questions.

  • Slack - A workspace dedicated to SDL support. Come chat with the SDL community, and ask questions or see what other people are asking.

You can find so much more by browsing https://smartdevicelink.com/, but we hope this helps to get you started!

Jordyn Mackool

Program Manager

13 Jul 2021

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