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App Issues and Chat Communication Is Now Available

The SDLC is happy to share that OEMs and Developers can communicate in a few new ways using the SDLC Developer Portal.

The SDLC Steering Committee-accepted proposal SDL 0218 – Facilitating OEM Communication with App Developers has been developed and is now ready to be used. Some feature highlights include:

  • Allowing OEM Allowances to report issues they find in SDLC certified applications to the developer and other OEM Allowances (optional) - including discussing the bugs in a chat.

  • Allowing developers to communicate with any OEM in a generic chat (even if the OEM is not selected as an OEM Allowance for the app).

  • Allowing OEMs to communicate with any app developer, regardless of OEM Allowance status.

To learn how to use this feature as an OEM and a developer, see page 16 of the SDL Developer Portal Registration Guide.

SDL Developer Portal Registration Guide

Jordyn Mackool

06 Jul 2020

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