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Manticore Now Open to the Public

Hosted Manticore

No longer will app developers need to build complicated software or lug around large hardware simulators to start developing for SmartDeviceLink! The open source project Manticore is now ready for public use! Manticore makes developing for SDL a breeze with a simulated Core instance right in your internet browser.

Manticore renders SDL connected apps using the Generic HMI project, a custom, unbranded UI made for SmartDeviceLink. It also includes additional windows such as a console log that displays logs from the SDL Core instance currently connected and a second window that can be used to test vehicle data, VR emulation, and simulated button presses.

The SDL hosted instance of Manticore is currently available for all registered developer portal users located on the Resource page under the Tools section. The setup page includes instructions on how to use Manticore to get your SDL application connected. Click here to go there now!

Manticore is a completely open sourced project that can be hosted by anyone if they choose, using the code located here. Those who are interested in the more technical features of Manticore can check out the release notes here.

If you experience issues or have questions, please log on to the SmartDeviceLink Slack team and join the #manticore channel. Also, if you happen to find any bugs while using Manticore please report them here.

Chris Rokita

Software Engineer

12 Jul 2017

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