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An alert is a pop-up window with some lines of text and optional soft buttons. When an alert is activated, it will abort any SDL operation that is in-progress, except the already-in-progress alert. If an alert is issued while another alert is still in progress, the newest alert will simply be ignored.

Alert UI

Depending the platform, an alert can have up to three lines of text, a progress indicator (e.g. a spinning wheel or hourglass), and up to four soft buttons.

Alert without soft buttons

Ford HMI

Ford Alert without Soft Buttons

Alert with soft buttons

Ford HMI

Ford Alert with Soft Buttons

Alert TTS

The alert can also be formatted to speak a prompt when the alert appears on the screen. Do this by setting the ttsChunks parameter. To play the alert tone before the text-to-speech is spoken, set playTone to true.


Alert alert = new Alert();
alert.setAlertText1("Alert Text 1");
alert.setAlertText2("Alert Text 2");
alert.setAlertText3("Alert Text 3");

// Maximum time alert appears before being dismissed
// Timeouts are must be between 3-10 seconds
// Timeouts may not work when soft buttons are also used in the alert

// A progress indicator (e.g. spinning wheel or hourglass)
// Not all head units support the progress indicator

//Text to speech
alert.setTtsChunks(TTS_list); // TTS_list populated elsewhere

// Special tone played before the tts is spoken

// Soft buttons
alert.setSoftButtons(softButtons); // softButtons populated elsewhere

// Send alert

Dismissing the Alert

The alert will persist on the screen until the timeout has elapsed, or the user dismisses the alert by selecting a button. There is no way to dismiss the alert programmatically other than to set the timeout length.

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