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This documentation provides information for integrating with the Super Helpful Application ID (SHAID) services. SHAID is a group of micro-services that help keep information about applications synchronized across the SmartDeviceLink (SDL) ecosystem.


If you are an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and have your own developer portal and/or SDL server, then you will need to consider integrating with SHAID.


The following is a short description of the services available.

  • MAIDS - A micro service to create and register unique SDL application IDs.

Abbreviations and Definitions

Abbreviations used in this document are collected in the table below

Abbreviation Meaning
JSON JavaScript Object Notation
MAIDS Micro Application ID Service
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
RPC Remote Procedure Call
SDE Software Development Environment
SDL SmartDeviceLink
SEE Software Engineering Environment
SHAID Super Helpful Application ID
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