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10. History

10.1. Change History

Version Data Status Author/Editor Change description
1.0 04/23/2013 Initial Version Alexandr Kandul Template creation
Chapter 4 'Views' creation
1.1 04/30/2013 Draft Klimenko Dmitriy Chapter 5 creation
1.2 05/10/2013 Draft Polina Vyshnevska Description for the Views creation
1.3 05/14/2013 Draft Alexandr Kandul Chapters 1,2,3 creation
1.4 05/27/2013 Draft Alexandr Kandul Views diagrams and description update
1.5 05/28/2013 Draft Anastasiya Britanova Chapters 7,8 creation
grammar corrections
2.0 05/30/2013 Draft Anastasiya Britanova Ready for customer review
2.1 09/30/2013 Draft Polina Vyshnevska Changes in accordance to implementation
2.2 10/31/2013 Reviewed Polina Vyshnevska, Pavel Savyelyev Reviewed with customer
2.3 05/23/2014 Draft Andrey Oleynik Policy component updated
2.4 01/30/2015 Draft Aleksandr Kutsan Resumption component updated
2.5 02/16/2015 Draft Alexander Galiuzov Update policy and SDL components
2.6 03/24/2015 Draft Andrey Oleynik Policy component updated
2.7 08/25/2015 Draft Elisey Zamakhov Ported to Luxoft Confluence
2.8 03/31/2016 Draft Elisey Zamakhov Updated Component View diagram and components
2.9 04/19/2016 Draft Elisey Zamakhov Updated Data View diagram
2.10 04/28/2016 Draft Elisey Zamakhov Move Use-cases to System scope
2.11 05/17/2016 Draft Elisey Zamakhov Update Development View
2.12 05/19/2016 Draft Elisey Zamakhov Update Deployment View
2.13 06/06/2016 Draft Elisey Zamakhov Deleted Logical VIEW
Update Solution Overview, View-to-View Relations, Solution Background
Update references list and Operation view with diagnostics and configuration information
2.14 06/17/2016 Draft Elisey Zamakhov Added Process State View, Process View, Component Interaction View
2.15 06/29/2016 Draft Elisey Zamakhov Add Windows platform from SOW
Figure Resumption updated
Add Config profile constraints
Add OS layers for View-to-view tables
Update viewpoint description
Rephrase Significant Driving Requirement 8
Process State View update with Stop transition
Add Component View highlighting notes
Add links to Viewpoints and UML notation
Updated reference numbering
Spelling fixes
2.16 06/30/2016 Reviewed Elisey Zamakhov Minor review changes
3.0 06/30/2016 Approved Nataly Snitsar Approve by management
3.1 08/01/2016 Draft Elisey Zamakhov Porting to Ford developers portal
Update Requirements Coverage chapter
Add GitHubOpen Questions and Known Issues
Update Components View description with Constraints
Update Layers Constraints
Removed assumptions from 2.4. Significant Driving
Update Requirements
3.2 08/10/2016 Draft Sergey Levchenko Add AppLaunch Component
3.3 08/11/2016 Draft Elisey Zamakhov Use cases moved to a separate chapter
Add applications data storing in Process State View
3.4 08/16/2016 Draft Elisey Zamakhov Update Diagnostics chapter with log4cxx features usage
3.5 09/09/2016 Draft Elisey Zamakhov Change Coding style
3.6 09/21/2016 Draft Elisey Zamakhov Update BT BlueZ limitation
3.7 06/09/2017 Draft Aleksandr Kutsan Add arhitecture changes related to SDL RC

10.2. Approve History

Version Data Approver Approve item
2.2 06/11/2013 Julius Marchwicki -
2.2 06/11/2013 Pavel Savyelyev APPLINK-3967
3.0 06/30/2016 Nataly Snitsar APPLINK-25883
3.0 08/01/2016 Justin Dickow PR #4
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