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Release Notes 4.4.0

SDL Core 4.4.0 Release Notes

Implemented Proposals

System Capabilities Query - Implementation of a new RPC which allows an app to query the capabilities of a specific component (i.e. video streaming, remote control) within a given integration of SDL Core.

Constructed Payloads - Addition of constructed payloads for control (non-RPC type) packets. These payloads allow for control packets to be more descriptive without using the overhead needed by an RPC message. The feature has been implemented using the BSON standard through use of the bson_c_lib. This includes the introduction of protocol version 5, versions prior to this do not support this feature.

Control Frame Payloads v1.0.0 - Introduced specific parameters that will be sent with a control frame's constructed payload. This is part of the introduction of protocol version 5, versions prior to this do not support this feature.

Support Indian English and Thai - Adds the possibility to support languages English - India and Thai - Thailand.

Support For Additional Languages - Adds the possibility to support 8 new languages.

Mobile Projection - Defines new AppHMIType PROJECTION. This AppHMIType allows an app to use the same video streaming technologies as a navigation app.

Gesture Cancellation - Addition of a CANCEL element to the TouchType Enum used during an OnTouchEvent RPC.

Add Video Streaming Capabilities - Allows core to notify the proxy of the HMI's video streaming capabilities. This addition also includes a video format negotiation procedure that uses a combination of RPC and constructed payload messages.

Adding Metadata Types - Add metadataTags parameter to the Show RPC, as well as the new types MetadataTag and MetadataType. These additions allow for a more detailed description of the main field strings sent during a Show RPC request.

Human Interface Device Support - Implementation of the SendHapticData RPC. This RPC sends the HMI an array of rectangle coordinates for focusable elements used during video streaming.

Remote Control Baseline - Implementation of a new core plugin/functional module RemoteControl. This feature includes a set of RPCs that the proxy may use to control certain aspects of the HMI's climate and radio modules. Changes also include additions to the GetSystemCapability RPC and policy configurations.

Update Mobile API Mandatory Flag - Update formatting of MOBILE_API.xml to include the mandatory flag on all parameters.

Bug Fixes


General Fixes

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