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Process State View

4.6. Process State View

The process State view shows the global ATF states according to system life cycle.

ATF states are related to User Script implementation and usually includes ATF waiting HMI and Mobile connections.
Following diagrams is focused on ATF Core component and shows to the User Script events processing.

Elements description


  • Behaviour:
    • ATF initialize own components and load User Scripts
  • Relations:
    • If all ATF subsystems and User Scripts successfully loaded, ATF starts processing Test Cases.
    • If failed, ATF is shutting down.


  • Behaviour:
    • ATF executes User Scripts test cases: emulates Mobile, HMI side, add and verifies expectations
    • ATF handles Events, proceeds according to own business requirements and provides to User Script verification.
  • Relations:
    • ATF starts shutdown procedure on getting stop signal and in case of Critical Test Case failure.

Shutting down

  • Behaviour:
    • ATF stores all disconnects from SDL and deinitializes all components.
  • Relations:
    • Finish ATF life cycle
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