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Operational View

4.10. Operational View

This view describes how the architecture provides the ability for operation/support teams to monitor and manage the system. To make system more flexible and to support different platforms, SW provides a configuration and logging components, which are able to change system behavior according to settings defined in smartDeviceLink.ini file and to diagnostic.

ATF Configuration

ATF provides default config.lua script specifies the desirable system behavior on different platforms and provides settings parameters for each functional component or functionality:

  • Mobile and HMI transports connection
  • Protocol, Connection
  • Path to SDL binary, HMI and Mobile interfaces
  • SDL-related ATF behavior
  • Reporting parameters
  • List of application and they registration parameters

For further information with a list of all available parameters please refer to config.lua file.


ATF logging system provides following functionality:

  • Logging ATF input and output data
  • Storing SDL Core logs with a TCP SDL Core logger
  • Testing report with Test Cases results
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