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10. History

10.1. Change History

Version Data Status Author/Editor Change description
0.1 08/16/2016 Initial Version Elisey Zamakhov SAD creation:
Case Background,
Solution Overview,
User Interface, Process View, References,
0.2 08/18/2016 Draft Elisey Zamakhov Add Use Case chapter
0.3 09/27/2016 Draft Elisey Zamakhov Add Components View chapter
0.4 09/28/2016 Draft Elisey Zamakhov Add Component Interaction chapter
0.5 10/11/2016 Draft Elisey Zamakhov Add Data View chapter
0.6 12/05/2016 Draft Elisey Zamakhov Add Development View, Process State View chapters
0.7 12/06/2016 Draft Elisey Zamakhov Add Deployment View, Operational View,
View-to-View Relations chapters
0.8 12/08/2016 Draft Elisey Zamakhov Add Solution Background chapter
0.9 12/09/2016 Draft Elisey Zamakhov Update References, List of Figures
0.10 12/23/2016 Draft Elisey Zamakhov Update Actors in Stockholders list,
List of Figures,
Overview diagram,
spelling fixes
0.11 12/29/2016 Draft Elisey Zamakhov Update Use Cases diagrams
0.12 01/05/2017 Draft Elisey Zamakhov Minor spelling fixes

10.2. Approve History

Version Data Approver Approve item
1.0 01/10/2017 Aleksandr Stasiuk APPLINK-31326
1.0 00/00/2017 [Justin Dickow] PR #YY
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